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Special Preview: Pokemon Ranger DPt - Oracle of Time

This is something I conceived as a supplement to the other fic, Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude.


"Whew! Another good run at the Arena today!"

Clad in a black coat and wiping his sweat-drenched brow, the blue-haired young man emerged from the sliding glass double doors of the dome-shaped building called the Capture Arena. The red, elongated device on his right arm identified him as a Pokémon Ranger, an agent of justice who fought for the good of people, Pokémon and nature.

"Rio! Riolu lu!" said the small blue-and-black canine Pokémon nipping at the Ranger's heels.

"What is it, Riolu?"

The Riolu pointed across the square - a woman with long blonde curls hanging over the shoulders of her white-and-blue Fall City Ranger uniform was there, and once she saw her colleague and his Riolu, she bound over to them quickly.

"Ross...there... you are..." Evidently the woman wasn't much for running.

"Oh, hi, Aria. I haven't seen you out of the Base in a while. What's up?"

"I have something I wanted to tell you, Ross. It might be worth investigating. Can you come back to the Ranger Base with me?"


Meanwhile, far away, four men were walking through the ruined halls of what might have once been some kind of high-tech lab. The floors were littered with trash and broken metal, forcing them to push their way through until they reached a surprisingly still-active computer.

Two of the men, standing behind the others, were orange-haired and wore white jumpsuits. The third was clad in a flowing blue cape with a white flame pattern along with a wild white tie to complement his mint-blue hair, while their leader was dressed all in black that clashed with the blonde curl atop his head.

"This is the computer, Master Kincaid," uttered one of the trailing men. "The data from the Power Styler should be accessible through here."

"Most excellent," Kincaid, the black-clad man, drawled with a nasal yet calm voice. "Gordor's gone, and Blake Hall abandoned us. That leaves it up to us, the new Go-Rock Squad, to resurrect the Power Styler. Once we do, and we capture the Pokémon of spirits, we will be invincible. Ahaha.... haha....Ahahahaha!!!"

Kincaid's eerie laugh echoed ominously through the halls of the destroyed facility, disturbing the Pokémon living floors deeper.....
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